If you wish to follow my writer-ly pursuits, connect up with me on Twitter. I also have a Facebook page, if you feel like subjecting yourself.

I’ve written and edited Mad Theatrics, a live theater review and commentary site since 2006. Reviews on the site are aggregated by Bitter Lemons in their LemonMeter, and we’ve been featured a few times on their website.

I’ve written about relationship issues on Red Snapper’s blog (“Doesn’t It Bother You …“) and for Bachelor Pad Magazine (“On the Care and Feeding of a Showgirl“).

Writing Samples

Writing samples of plays and screenplays I’ve penned may be found on my Scribd page.

For the Screen

For the Stage

  • Tracing Sonny is a romantic comedy about the baggage we carry with us from childhood, and how that baggage has the potential to dominate our personal relationships as adults.
  • Diving In is a one act play about an artist literally on the edge, in the last moments of her life.
  • Pin-Up Girls follows a troupe of San Francisco burlesque dancers as they encounter the new-found freedom — and the consequences of exercising that freedom — American women discovered during World War II.
  • Pulp Graveyard Volume I Issue 1 is the first episode of a weekly, live staged “radio show” that dramatized public domain comic book stories and advertisements. Four “issues” (episodes) of Pulp Graveyard were produced, with material written by Matt Ryan and Pamela Moore.
  • Santa Baby is a short piece about two former mall elves, and their romantic travails. It gets weird.
  • Sex in Awkward Places unproduced one act that certainly lives up to its name! A group of degenerates self-destructs in one epic evening.

NOTE: Except as otherwise noted on the individual Scribd pages (I think Diving In and Pulp Graveyard are under Creative Commons licenses) performance rights for the above are reserved. If you are interested in producing one of my works, shoot me an email. I’m very reasonable.

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