I don’t perform as a puppeteer nearly as often as I would like. If I had to narrow down the multitudinous pursuits to just one talent/skill, I’d choose puppetry. There’s something a little zen about bringing life to an inanimate object. Meditative. Plus, it’s a blast!

For the Kids

I’ve been fortunate to work with marionettes as part of Raval Media Group’s Teenie Tones, and I’ve crawled inside Bear from Bear in the Big Blue House as part of Playhouse Disney Live! On-Stage at Disney’s California Adventure.

There’s this children’s show pilot I did alongside the incredible Russ Walko entitled Uncle Grizly. (I’m the giant banana slug.)

For the Adults

I began performing puppets in my wife’s burlesque acts with her homage to Monty Python’s “Every Sperm is Sacred.” All singing, all dancing spermatozoa. It’s as awesome as it sounds.

Then there’s the Crocodile Rock number. This is one we do with some rarity, as it involves a considerable expense every time we do it. You see, we make a bunch of these “Li’l Snappers” for the audience. Red enters as Elton John from his appearance on The Muppet Show and I enter with a puppet crocodile (that I built) and pursue her, stripping off her clothes with the puppet. The magic happens when we get to the “Laaaaa, la-la-la-la-laaaaa” part. Remember those puppets we made for the audience? They use them to sing along!

After making hundreds of those puppets over a decade of doing the number, we decided to make a free Li’l Snapper pattern available. We released it under a Creative Commons license, and it may be found on Red’s website.

Puppet Building

I built a mess of puppets for Rose: The Bizarro Zombie Musical. I performed Satan in one of the shorts produced to help promote it.

I also built a couple of puppets for a delightful children’s play entitled Santa and the Snowflake.


I’ve written a few pretty cool tutorials over the years:

Ping Pong Ball, Oobi-style “Practice Eyes”

Tennis Ball Rod Puppet

“Snapper Rods,” A Relatively Quick and Easy Arm Rod Solution

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