Mr. Snapper & Mr. Buddy

134082_482543693401_4951176_oRehabilitating the Comedy Potential of the Whoopee Cushion Since 2008 … it’s Mr. Snapper & Mr. Buddy!

We’ve played The Comedy Store, The Improv, Flappers, The Tomorrow! Show with Ron Lynch, and such burlesque shows as Peepshow Menagerie, Sultry Sweet Burlesque, and our home away from home, The Monday Night Tease.

Photo by Ginger Liu Photography

As far north as Fresno and as far south as San Diego! Although, come to think of it, the San Diego gig was our Batman and Alfred shtick, which is a whole other kettle of fish.

Photo by Markus Alias
Photo by Markus Alias

So let’s just say for the sake of argument, let’s say as far south as Fullerton.

I really like working with this guy.

Here’s some video of us live:

I’m working on a “sizzle reel” as they call it.

Oh yeah! We produced our own show, Mr. Snapper & Mr. Buddy’s Rumpus Revue!

288521_10150282747403402_1790182_o>KRumpus Revue Flyer final w color krampusnacht tilted 5.5by8 - Noel copy


2 thoughts on “Mr. Snapper & Mr. Buddy

  1. Hey Andrew,
    Thanks for the confetti canon post. I’m collecting parts right now. Coincidentally I too am a burlesque performer in Colorado and in need of a confetti canon. I plan to shoot confetti from my foot. The canon will be sewn on the inside of my motorcycle chaps. Any suggestions on how to keep the confetti in the canon while I’m standing and dancing around?
    Many thanks.
    Dan Sosalla

    1. You need some sort of plug for the end of the cannon. I use a piece of high density foam, about 3/8″ thick, and cut slightly larger than the pvc pipe. I shove it in place, and let the air pressure from the CO2 cartridge blow it out along with the confetti. DO NOT use anything hard or pointy for the plug! And anyway, be sure to point AWAY from the audience when firing it off. (I usually shoot mine off over their heads.)

      Since you’re dancing around, you might want to test the plug to make sure it doesn’t work itself out.

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