Graphic Designer/Copy Writer

I’ve created marketing pieces for an air duct cleaning company, crafted works of Photoshop art for a CBS Interactive-owned website, and occasionally dabbled with webcomics. Here are the goods:

Since July of 2017, I’ve done contract work for Retail Products Group as Digital Content Editor for their six pet product brands. I’ve written Amazon product descriptions and bullet points for products ranging from Vet’s Best to Bags on Board, in addition to behind-the-scenes brand persona work.

Here is my Photoshop portfolio.

I have an online portfolio of the cartooning and copy writing I did for an air duct cleaning company.

Existential Unemployment is a webcomic I publish with my old college buddy, Garrick Pass. He does much of the writing. I contribute to the writing, but do all of the art.

Up To Bat is webcomic I used to publish. I’d really like to do more, but there are only so many hours in a day!

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