Oh yeah ... I sometimes act, too.
Photo by Beth Whalen

Like most of the artists I know, I do a bunch of different things. Unlike most of the artists I know, I’m really lousy at promoting myself. Networking doesn’t come naturally to me, and I’m liable to either downplay the stuff I have accomplished, or hide my insecurities under a false bravado, sort of like how Jim Henson described The Muppet Show as “The Most Sensational, Inspirational, Celebrational, Muppetational …”

I’m a writer. I’ve written for the stage and screen. Nothing big or impressive (yet) but I’ve been nominated for a couple of awards, and my stuff has played to sold-out audiences. Mad Theatrics is a theater review and commentary site that I’ve written for and edited since 2006. Currently I’m working on some pitches with my comedy partner, a webseries with a couple of awesome producers, and I’m always mid-draft on something or other.

I’m a musician. I dabble mostly, but I’ve written a few comedy songs that play well.

I’m a comic. With my comedy partner, Phillip Kelly, as “Mr. Snapper & Mr. Buddy,” we’ve taken the stage at The Comedy Store, The Improv, Flapper’s Burbank, The Tomorrow! Show with Ron Lynch, and burlesque shows from Fresno to Santa Ana. We do a new-vaudeville schtick that borders on and often crosses into a Monty Python/Steve Martin-esque absurdity.

I’m a puppeteer and a puppet builder. I perform hand puppets, full-body puppets, and marionettes. I played Bear (of in the Big Blue House fame) in a live show at Disney’s California Adventure. I did live and video marionettes with Raval Media Group’s The Teenie Tones, and I’ve been a part of some short films and pilots. I’ve built puppets for low-budget movies and stage plays.

I’m a burlesque dancer. Yeah, I think it’s pretty weird, too, but I have been payed to strip. I’ve played some pretty cool stages, including the Viper Room in Hollywood, Trees in Dallas, and the Plaza in Vegas.

I build props. Mostly for my wife (who is a much better burlesque dancer than me!) but I’ve been known to build for legit plays.

I’m a graphic designer and copywriter. And I’ve been paid handsomely to do so: One of my past day jobs gave me production bonuses based on sales. I started making a seasonal fax newsletter, sending it out (automated, no less — although I don’t recall exactly how I automated it) to past customers and folks who referred us work. Sales soared, and the boss joked, “Ha ha … we may have to renegotiate your bonus.”

Tom Bergeron once described his career as having all the coherence of a ransom note. I know how he feels.

I do a whole bunch. The wife and I joke that there’s only one thing, one “hobby” we have that we don’t monetize. (See if you can figure out what that is.) This is a place for me to pool all these various and sundry activities/talents/accomplishments in one place. My little slice of self-promotion. Hence,  The Multitudinous Pursuits.

Want to work with me? Shoot me a line, and we’ll talk.

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