I’m Not an Actor

Okay, fine. I’ve been known to “act” on occasion. And yes, there was a time when I most certainly was an actor:

ACTINGAh … college.

In my most secret of thoughts, I fancy myself Mycroft Holmes-esque: gobsmackingly brilliant, but too damned lazy to do anything with it. I think perhaps the second part of that computation is the truer part. Anyway, Here’s me, acting:

Frenzy Games Commercial from Kevin Pike on Vimeo.

Some would call that “acting.” I call it “doing a solid for a friend,” the friend in this case being Phillip Kelly, the Mr. Buddy to my Mr. Snapper:


What we do may not be acting, but it is something.

A year (or two?) ago, we mounted a sketch comedy show in Hollywood, “Die Gruppe presents: In the Hooker’s Duffel Bag.” Here’s me, acting:

Die Gruppe

Geez … I guess that was three years ago. We really need to do another sketch show.

All evidence to the contrary, I still don’t consider my an actor. I just want to entertain people, whatever it takes.

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