How We Do


This is the Doodlebug. Her name is actually Felicity, but no one calls her that. We took the Doodlebug to the vet a few weeks back for her regular check-up, booster shots, and to have an evaluation done on one of her teeth that seems to be giving her some trouble. She was running a little bit of a fever, and so they decided against the booster shots and instead did a blood test in preparation for the dental work. As it turns out, our little sofa loaf (she is a bit of a napper) is anemic.

No sweat, put some iron in her diet, right? Nope. Anemia in dogs doesn’t work like anemia in humans. It could be caused by an infection (like what’s going on with her teeth) or it could be cancer. Or some sort of autoimmune issue. It could be a whole bunch of scary things. She’s on a treatment program right now, and she appears to be responding well (red blood cell count up the last time she was checked, about a week ago!) so we’re hopeful it’s one of the less frightening issues.

Needless to say, the vet bills are stacking up. But rather than make an outright appeal for financial assistance, my wife and I are doing how we do: We’re making stuff and selling it. To be specific, we’re making Doodle appliquĂ© pillows, similar to the prototype pictured (along with the Doodlebug) above. If you’re interested in picking up a Doodle pillow and helping us get the Doodlebug the doctorin’ she needs, please follow this link to my wife’s website. And thank you!

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