Constantly Doing Stuff I Don’t Know How To Do

Buster Applique

In addition to hosting a show on Friday and co-hosting another on the following Monday, I’m helping my lovely wife with a costume she’s finishing up.

The costume is a poodle skirt and sweater. Instead of a poodle, she’s going to sport felt appliques of our two dogs, Doodle and Buster. Yes indeed, it will be a Doodle skirt.

I sketched out the appliques (that’s Buster, above) and I’m currently cutting out the felt pieces. Everything will be glued together, a little fabric paint will be used for detail work, and the final appliques will be zig-zag stitched in place.

I’ve never done this before. In fact, I’m constantly doing stuff I don’t know how to do. Oftentimes, I’m delightfully surprised with how things turn out. Other times, I wind up starting all over again, armed with the knowledge failure has provided. Regardless of the outcome, I try not to let “I’ve never done it before” be an excuse not to try.

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