Updated Poster


The poster graphic has been updated to include my credit. Rock!

Harry and Noah are fantastic collaborators, in case I haven’t said yet. And I know from fantastic collaborators! Being in the room with them, spit-balling ideas, the back and forth over details that result in far better choices than any one of us might make on our own — it’s been a very fruitful and enjoyable experience thus far.

Over on Mad Theatrics, my blog about live theater, I once wrote about how to work with a partner or collaborator in the cleverly titled post, “How to Work with a Partner or Collaborator.” There’s some pretty good advice in that article, if I do say so myself. One thing I failed to do was wax on and on about how freaking awesome it is, how amazing it feels to be in the flow of creating with a partner or collaborators.

You step outside yourself. You’re engaged in the process in an exciting, live way. Another person or persons will make demands of you that you simply will not make of yourself. It’s a challenge, a game, an activity. Action. Movement. The most rewarding creative experiences I’ve had have involved some collaboration.

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